Aviator swan chair


The Aviator swan chair characterizes itself with its round and soft shapes contrasting the rugged Aviator design. At Boola-Boola the Aviator swan chair Is available in all leather colors and finishes, the standard being brown quality leather and semi gloss aluminium finish. The leather on the swan chair is finished with big copper nails around the edges and the aluminium is firmly held into place by steel screws.


The swan chair was designed by Arne Jacobsen in 1958 for the SAS royal Hotel in Kopenhagen. The first of its kind, eye-catching and technologically innovative because up until this moment it seemed impossible to design chairs with absence of straight lines and in this shape. The reason he succeeded with the swan chair was because he made the seats shell of foam so it would shape easily. He perfected this design, shaving for days in the shed of his summer home.

A beautiful, iconic design classic to go with your Aviator desk in your home, office or home office!

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